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Company Number 10134263
Waste Carrier License – CBDU208239

Estimate Number KHS-0691
Estimate Date 28th August 2019
Valid Until 27th September 2019
Total £5,475.00
Ben Jeffery

42 Crescent Road
CT11 9QX


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total

Supply scaffolding to front and side of property
Rub down and prepare all walls and surfaces to be painted
Fix damaged render where required
Paint Front two colours to be chosen by customer
including primer and undercoat.
Stabilise all areas to be painted including all walls, front and stairs and walls
Undercoat and paint with 10 year guaranteed Santex or Dulux emulsion minimum 2 coats
Paint black railings with Hamorite paint
Estimate includes all paints and labour

Sub Total £5,475.00
VAT £0.00
Total £5,475.00

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