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Company Number 10134263
Waste Carrier License – CBDU208239

Estimate Number KHS-0730
Estimate Date 20th October 2019
Valid Until 20th October 2019
Total £4,905.00

1-3 King Street
CT13 9BY

01304 614471

29 Poulders Gardens, Sandwich , CT13

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Bedroom

Stud bay window to damp proof , insulate with insulation and board,
Remove pillar mortar, damp proof and re skim
Remove bay window ceiling woodchip paper and skim
Remove woodchip wall paper from damaged wall above picture rail, Wallpaper with new woodchip.
Paint all new areas with white or magnolia

1 Kitchen Back Door

Remove all old mortar from damaged pillar by back door
DPC , skim and paint

1 Sofits and facias

Supply tower to reach sofits
Remove all existing softits, facias and guttering around building
Supply and fit new upvc sofits and facias
Supply and fit new gutters
Dispose of all rubbish

1 Tree

Cut down and dispose of 30ft fern tree

1 Conifer Hedge 7m

Supply tower
Trim down approx 10ft
Dispose of all cuttings

Sub Total £4,905.00
VAT £0.00
Total £4,905.00

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