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Waste Carrier License – CBDU208239

Estimate Number KHS-0592
Estimate Date 30th March 2019
Valid Until 29th April 2019
Total £12,515.00
Ruth Willcox

2 Roselands Gardens


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Steps

Repair 2 steps on staircase

1 Front Door

Shave front door where required

1 Floor Vents

Bock 6 underfloor heating vents with timber to make flush with rest of flooring

1 Hand Rail

Supply and install approx 5m of Mopstick handrail with white brackets and paint white

1 Washing Machine

Cut out worktop and remove base unit to accommodate washing machine
Install washing machine with electric and water supply
Split waste exit

1 Lean To

Clear gutters
Repair and fix corrugated roof panels
Repair felt edging to garage with new felt strip and bitumen or fibreglass

1 Lean to back door

Remove old door and door frame
Supply and install new timber door frame and door with pressure treated timber
Install existing furniture if possible
Dispose of all rubbish

1 Conservatory

Supply and install new upvc facia board cladding over existing window sills

1 Window

Supply and replace broken garage window

1 Cupboard Door

Fix base of under stairs cupboard door

1 Door Dampers

Supply and install 3 anti slam internal door dampers

1 Downstairs Toilet

Repair leak from rear soil pipe

1 Upstairs Toilet

Supply and replace faulty water inlet valve in cistern

1 Outside ( painting ) OPTION 1

Supply scaffolding all around house
Rub down and repair wood cladding, sofits and facia boards where required
Undercoat and primer all areas
Paint white with external 10 year guaranteed all weather paint

1 Outside ( upvc cladding ) OPTION 2

Supply scaffolding all around house
Remove all old timber cladding including sofits and facia boards
Supply and install new white upvc cladding
Dispose of all rubbish

Sub Total £12,515.00
VAT £0.00
Total £12,515.00

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